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"Thrilling... an absorbing read that captures the energy and ingenuity of the period."
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"The Apparitionists is breezy, clever, and exuberant."
"Written like a novel but researched with academic rigor, this account of a photographer whose work seemed to incorporate images from the spirit realm stops short of either endorsing the veracity of the photographer's claim or debunking his work as a scam... A well-paced nonfiction work that reads more like a historical novel.”

“In this meticulously researched study of America’s dalliance with spiritualism..Manseau provides comprehensive context for his chronicle of Mumler, placing him at the intersection of the Spiritualist movement and the rise of the photographic art, and in the context of the Civil War, which acquainted Americans with death on an unprecedented scale.
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“More than just a fraud, William Mumler was a pioneer in the new art of photography—a striking technology that not only offered new levels of immediacy but also immediately offered itself up to manipulation, provoking questions of authenticity even as its uncanny effects offered a tantalizing vision of the unknown. He was a huckster, but like all successful hucksters, he was a perfect reflection of his time. Peter Manseau's The Apparitionists recreates Mumler's life with a scholar's poise and a storyteller's grace, offering an enduring portrait of the nineteenth century through one of its most unlikely figures.”

—Colin Dickey, author of Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places

“Manseau has become the foremost chronicler of the deep American desire to believe in the weird, the strange, and oddly wonderful. His latest is lighthearted and yet grave, a profound consideration of death and doubt illuminated by a 19th century gallery of genius and ingenious deception. The dead speak in this brilliantly entertaining tale.”

Jeff SharletNew York Times bestselling author of The Family




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