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"The last few decades have produced several magisterial tomes on American religious history...
None, however, matches the subversive and much-needed revisionism of Manseau's tour de force."
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"A richer, more complex, and compelling viewpoint, reminiscent of Howard Zinn's
People's History of the United States... This significant and timely work is important
for those who wish to understand the complete and diverse landscape of religious
history in America--but even more valuable for those who don't."
—Library Journal (starred review)
"The United States is arguably the most religiously diverse nation in the world.
Peter Manseau shows how this has always been the case.
One Nation, Under Gods
is a refreshing, compelling, and surprising reexamination of our nation's history
that puts lie to the oft-quoted idea that America was founded as 'a Christian nation.'"
Reza Aslan, bestselling author of Zealot
"Here at last is the rest of the American story, in one great kaleidoscope of a book.
Peter Manseau has revealed the many too often obscured by 'one nation.'
The truth is so much more vast and strange and funny and fascinating than that,
and Manseau, a brilliant writer of great wit, curiosity, and learning, is the perfect guide."

—Jeff Sharlet, bestselling author of The Family
"One Nation Under Gods is one of those too-rare works of innovative history
that also manage to be works of literary art. Its series of interlocking stories,
rich in color and depth, combine to offer a new picture of America, both past and present."
—Adam Goodheart, bestselling author of 1861
“One Nation, Under Gods is crammed with enthralling tales of dissenters and outliers
reinventing religious traditions to make sense of their often desperate circumstances...
Manseau’s book represents a remarkable gathering of American spiritual voices.
Much more than a simple catalogue of diversity... a stunning history of religious cross-pollination.”
"Surprising... fascinating... [Manseau shows] there was literally never a point in the history
of the colonies or the U.S. when all or most Americans genuinely shared the same faith."
--Salon (Editor's Pick; Book of the Week)






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